Access your documents, at any time and any locations

SyncShare is a multi-platform file synchronization and document management system for replication of data between SyncShare servers. We use two way synchronization and version handling to maintain data integrity and availability.

Document management systems with features like tagging documents, content searching, indexing and integration with other systems like Microsoft Outlook are sometimes way beyond what many users really require. Some organizations may need these features, but for the rest it poses a steep learning curve, increased costs of training and deployment. Why do we need to change the way we work, when we can change the system to suit our needs?

Together with an intuitive web interface and the SyncShare agent (separate download), users can continue to use the same work methodology as before. The SyncShare master servers will keep data intact, and present it on every SyncShare site server in your organization. The data is continuously synchronized for changes and stores metadata for all files and folders on the SyncShare master servers. The SyncShare site servers pull the changes from the master. In this way, you ensure that the same data is presented to everyone, without configuring complicated firewall rules and opening your local network to the internet.

SyncShare file synchronization overviewe example

On the web interface you can manage files and folders in the same way you already are familiar with in Microsoft Windows. Multiple file upload, view and restore older file versions are just some of the features you will find here.

SyncShare, a smart file synchronization

SyncShare uses industrial standards for synchronizing, versioning, editing and file management. We believe that with a rugged platform, functions and features that ensure integrity, availability and security should always have priority. SyncShare scales dynamically in conjunction with the organization’s needs.

Try the web experience today.

You can experience how SyncShare Web interface provide you with desktop like functionality today, by going to and signing up for a trial.


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SyncShare features:

Document version handling
Share documents with external users
Group & access management
Integrity control for all locations
Favorites and custom workspace
Network Share mapping
Set permission to folders
Create, edit and save files from web
No need for firewall management
Safe, smart and secure



Connect different companies
Advanced user management

24/7 Service

Our help desk is always available, and will strive to ease the day to day business challenges and problems our customers may have.