IT services and equipment designed for offshore operations.

Option´s Rig IT solution ensure that operating and managing IT-infrastructure and supported services in an offshore environment is painless and efficient for all our customers. Option has designed core IT infrastructure and services tailored for oil companies and partners.

With our infrastructure and servcies, the drilling vessels can operate even if/when communications break down. All our locations are self sufficient, build to operate “in the dark” for longer period of time, and with system and equipment that are designed for offshore environment.

Rig-IT services are put together by adding Option´s services and equipment together into a complete concept package and operational plan for our customers. This include commissioning and decommissioning of equipment and services before and after operations for the customer.

We specialize in:

  • IT services and operation on drilling vessels
  • Interfacing between services/3rd party companies
  • Optimizing traffic and communications
  • Providing 24/7 365 helpdesk services
  • Managing oil companies IT operations offshore
  • Long life with low cost IT services and equipment
  • MEDICALL™ telemedicine solution for medic
  • Continuous data/file syncronization to onshore with SYNCSHARE™
  • Availability for IT services offshore
  • Remote Workstation and centralized infrastructure with DESKVIEW™
  • Scalable solutions with QUICKCONNECT™ and ITCONTAINER™

With our extencive experience and knowledge of this industry, we continue to provide excellent servcie and solutions for our customers. With focus on flexibility, security, integrity and cost.


Rig IT overview


24/7 Service

Our help desk is always available, and will strive to ease the day to day business challenges and problems our customers may have.