Remote workstations, redefined

Remote workstation with DESKVIEW™ is an intelligent KVM over IP system, integrated with propietary software and a control system to allow for an easy to use interface and well planned functions for users. DeskView allows for full integration and collaboration in a work environment and provide a remote workstation infrastructure.

We are proud to say that we are redefining the way users can share and collaborate using their own workstations. DeskView is a mix of digital video signage, matrix and desktop sharing.

With DESKVIEW™ you can enhoy features like:

  • Centralized IT equipment and reduced noice in work environment.
  • Lower power consumption
  • Flexibility in work environment, move any computer to any workplace
  • Allow access to restricted network and/or systems without the need of firewall or network changes.
  • Use existing network cable infrastructur
  • Manage and administer system from easy to use web interface.
  • Use a wide range of technology to control system, ex.: rfid readers, touch panels, button panels etc.

Option provide a full technocal solution, complete with operational management and maintainance to our customers.

We deliver infrastructure and services to work environments with multiple services and third party companies. It often results in challenges when users try to get information from different infrastructures, networks and servers. Option solves this issue with DeskView.


DESKVIEW™ provides you with a desktop environment where multiple computers and input devices can be accessed from one workdesk and this without the need of opening up firewalls and network security.

DESKVIEW™ are available as a QUICKCONNECT™ setup for fast deployment and/or testing purposes for new and existing customers. You need to experience the DESKVIEW™ solution to understant and see its full potential and features. Contact us today.


DeskView offers you features like:

Receive your computer at any of the DeskView stations.

Send one or two screens to any public screen.

Grab a public screen to your own workstation for full control.

Work together with other DeskView users on one workstation.

Allow for technology like RFID identification to automatically get your workstation by presenting RFID device/card.

Technical specifications

– Support existing Ethernet infrastructure, fast deployment.
– Reduce rackspace with RackStations, 8 computer in 3U
– Support dual screen full HD 1080P resolution
– Central management and control software
– USB and Audio support
– Rj45 and and Fiber support
– Rack mounting kit available

24/7 Service

Our help desk is always available, and will strive to ease the day to day business challenges and problems our customers may have.