RIG IT – equipment and services designed for offshore use

IT services and equipment designed for offshore operations.

Option´s Rig IT solution ensure that operating and managing IT-infrastructure and supported services in…

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QUICKCONNECT – the ultra mobile datacenter

All infrastructure in one small box

Based on our extensive experience from previous deliveries and operations, we scaled down our…

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SYNCSHARE – File synchronization system

Access your documents, at any time and any locations

SyncShare is a multi-platform file synchronization and document management system for replication…

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IT Container – for harsh enviroment and remote operations

Project working offshore or remote? Call for a mobile datacenter

Option has designed a mobile datacenter solution, where everything you…

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DeskView – Flexible and innovative workstation signage

Remote workstations, redefined

Remote workstation with DESKVIEW™ is an intelligent KVM over IP system, integrated with propietary software and a control system to allow…

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