Management and maintenance of both off the shelf application and software suits, as well as operational management of inventory.


Allow your users to have full flexibility regarding work environment and workplaces, and move equipment away from the work desk.


Providing e-mail and messaging systems and services along with SyncShare file management and replication to ensure full flexibility for users.

IT infrastructure

We provide core IT infrastructure services and equipment that ensure optimal operations environment, sufficient capacity and needed redundancy.

MediCall Telemedicine

Medicall Telemedicine solution connect patients and remote medical personnel with medical personnel anywhere. Easy and safe to use with many options.

Mobile data room

With ranges from suitcase size QuickConnect units to 20 foot complex IT container, we stay true to the term scalable Mobile data room solutions.

Network and security

We deliver quality network technology and security services to secure a flexible network environment for equipment and users.

Print services

Allow flexible solutions for print, copy and scan technology, document copy and distribution of information from paper to electronic format.

Service Desk

Our Service desk is accessible 24/7 365 with very short to no wait time, and local support in both Norwegian and English language.


Delivery of different storage technology to maintain both applications, system data, databases and user generated information.


Scalable videoconference systems to allow for optimal meeting functionality where needed and with the right setup and technology.


Workstations and Computers, LED monitors and peripherals that makes up the bases for IT related work and services in your day to day business.

We deliver professional services in demanding environments

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24/7 Service

Our help desk is always available, and will strive to ease the day to day business challenges and problems our customers may have.