QuickConnect for OMV.

OVM selected our QUICKCONNECT™ setup for their operation on Leiv Eiriksson. With a planned operations of est. 50 days, this solution are tailored to these kind of operations with short deployment and flexible services.

OMV has previous experience with Option As and SYNCSHARE™ services, and decided in this operation to expand the Scope of Work to include IT equipment and infrastructure services.

Key features of delivery:

  • One of our ready to go QUICKCONNECT™ units
  • Workstations and computer equipment and servcies
  • Printing, copy, scan and MFP-services and equipment
  • Full information synchronization between onshore and offshore based on our SYNCSHARE™ system
  • Network equipment and services

We look forward to ensure and provide OMV personell and partners with excellent IT services and solutions.


Leiv Eiriksson

Leiv Eiriksson is a 5th Generation Deep Water Semisubmersible Drilling Rig,

It was completed in 2001. The hull was constructed at Dalian New Shipyard China, and outfitted at Friede Goldman Offshore USA.

The rig is currently equipped for drilling operations in water depths from 70 meters (223 feet) to 2285 meters (7 500 feet).

Leiv Eiriksson has operated successfully in harsh environment and benign areas.

All in a box solutions


Based on our extensive experience from previous deliveries and operations, we scaled down our RigIT solution to a “bare minimum” and with less redundancy. We see that the marked is changing and a need for a quick and easy solution for “by the well” operations arised.

Our help desk is always available, and will strive to ease the day to day business challenges and problems our customers may have.